The Future:Project

Beyond trends

The future is not a trend.

The Future:Project is a network of highly experienced trend and future researchers that specialize on transdisciplinary thinking. We see it as our duty to set our gaze to where the future is being created right now: the great transformations of our time. We focus on constructive, liveable futures.

The Future:Project – transformative futurology for the next society.

We empower people and organizations to map futures worth living in.


We share knowledge about trends, the future, and especially the transformations in our publications.


The future can be experienced – on stage! Our experts inspire your organization with gripping keynote speeches designed to help sculpt the future.


We organize events to share new perspectives on the future, develop solutions together and connect people.

Commissioned Studies

We explore the future dimension of your industry, your product or your business model – individually tailored to your company!


Together we work to shape a future worth living, share our knowledge, exchange perspectives and develop constructive ideas.


Our central model to track and understand the interdependence of trends and transformation within society and economy.

Future:System in English

The Future:System is the central thinking model of the Future:Project. The transformative trend system describes social change processes and identifies potentials for companies to shape the future – beyond megatrends.

We are developing the next level of futurology.

The team of The Future:Project has spent many years working together at the Zukunftsinstitut (future institute), where we were responsible for the thinking part of the think-tank. We designed publications, studies and methodologies. With this experience in the field of publications and customer projects we have decided to reinvigorate the field of futurology with new concepts that can withstand the complexities of the 21st century. A mixture of creative and visionary thinking helps us look beyond trends, into the true future.

The founding of The Future:Project in October of 2023 as a standalone and independent company results from our progressive and constructivist approach to futurology that does not get caught up in hypes and pure data analysis. We believe it is time for a futurology that is holistic, comes from multiple perspectives and reflects on itself constantly. Standing for a better future is a central part of our job – for futures worth living in, and how to get there.

New perspectives for a future worth living in.

Our world is changing at a rapid pace. The question of how the future will turn out to be is more important than ever. At the same time our contemporary uncertainty is making the tomorrow less and less plannable. The Future:Project stands for a fundamental change in perspective within this context. Our first question is always: in what future do we WANT to live? After we have attained a goal worth fighting for we move on to the question: which transformative change can we already see right now that can lead us to this cherished future?

Our north star is a consequential alignment with a common good for all of humanity. Transformative futurology is our vehicle of getting there. We work with organizations, companies and people to move from the ever more, to the ever better.

Our conviction: the future is more than trends.

The future is way more than just trends. It is our common habitat that we create by the sum of our decisions in the now. This is exactly why we need an understanding of all relevant transformatory powers that shape societal change right here, right now. 

In order to grasp the processes of change in a hyperconnected world, the linear megatrends no longer suffice. This is why we chose to change perspective and shift our focus to palpable dynamics of change in the here and now: the big transformations of our time: Glocalisation, Conscious Economy, Co-Society, Human Digitality, Mindshift Revolution and Eco Transition. 

We refuse to plan the future, let alone manage it. We will shape it – together with you. 

We are futurists with a conviction.

Our Values


We paint lively and touchable futures. Their aim is to not only inspire, but also to move. If we cannot motivate people for the future, they will not join us to fight for a better version of it.


New Trends, Hypes, Buzzwords: it is our mission to unravel perspectives. The integrity of our work is paramount to us. We only offer up the futures that we actually believe in, not what is currently trendy.


We are fascinated by the future. We are convinced that it can be made liveable and worthy – in the face of the high destiny of crisis in the world today. For the future to become good, we must dedicate our present to it.


We are futurists from conviction. We understand ourselves as a free and non-partisan network, that can provide unbiased visions, in order to make the correct decisions in the now.


We are discoverers, always on the lookout for knew knowledge. We discover the worlds of the imaginable. The future is an act of exploration whose signals can be found right here, right now.


Respect is not only important to our team, but towards our customers and especially their futures. Our foundation is rooted in humanism, so we always put people first. Their needs, their futures are paramount.

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